Front Load Washers - Dynamic Balancing Technology dBT™

Dynamic Balancing Technology dBT™ keeps wash loads in harmony, which saves time on the cycle and provides a quiet stable consistent wash. dBT™ is a patented technology that senses when load is balanced to spin at high speeds and saves time by getting it right the first time in real-time versus trial and error.
dBT is not only about balancing. It also includes a new heavy-duty drive system that minimizes vibration and reduces wear and tear on the machine. The shaft is basically what holds all the weight on the washing machine. dBT Technology employs sensors to understand in real time when the laundry load is in balance before it spins up. Before the high spin, dBT works to sense when we are "in balance' then spins up instead of relying on trial and error as other washers do. So, avoid longer cycle times with less opportunities for excess noise and vibration.
Here is a video showing more information on the dBT Dynamic Balancing Technology: