Zoneline - Setting the Occupancy Mode

Follow these instructions to control the occupancy mode on your digital make-up air module on your GE Zoneline air conditioner.


To set the Occupancy Mode:

  1. First, access the Auxiliary Settings button by removing the indoor (front) grill. Once the grill is removed you will see the red auxiliary settings button on the right, near the yellow caution label.

  2. On the control panel, press the Mode button until Off is illuminated.

  3. Then, press the auxiliary button to access the auxiliary settings. AU will appear in the control panel display.

  4. Press the Mode button repeatedly until Eu appears in the display. "Eu" means digital make-up air occupancy is currently Off.

    • Pressing the + button turns On the Occupancy Mode (Eu in the display). Pressing the - button turns the Occupancy Mode Off (En in the display).

  5. Press the red auxiliary settings button again to save your changes.

View our Occupancy Mode video: