Opal Ice Maker - Cleaning and Care of the Side Tank

Keeping the Opal ice maker and side tank accessory clean ensures you have plenty of fresh tasting ice.


To Clean the Side Tank:

  1. Remove and drain the side tank.

    • If there is residual water in the side tank base unit, flip the side tank's base to drain.

  2. Hand wash the Opal side tank with mild dish soap and warm water.

  3. Remove and wash the side tank's cap and valve with warm, soapy water.

  4. Disconnect the drain tubes from the Opal and side tank near a sink or bucket to drain water from either unit.

    • The base can be washed by disconnecting the hose and adding a small amount of soapy water to it.

  5. Be sure to rinse all components thoroughly before replacing the side tank and re-connecting the drain tubes.

Do not wash any of the Opal's components in the dishwasher. They are hand wash only.


Removing Mineral Deposits:

  1. Mix 2 quarts of water with 2 quarts of vinegar or use the Opal Cleaning Kit.

  2. Clean any visible mineral build-up or deposits with this solution.

    • If mineral deposits are present in the tank, we recommend filling the tank with the water and vinegar solution and letting it soak briefly.

  3. After cleaning, be sure to drain and rinse the tank thoroughly.

  4. You may need to repeat this process for stubborn mineral deposits.