Dehumidifier - Ideal Operating Conditions

Dehumidifiers run best when the following conditions are followed:

  • For best results, place your dehumidifier near the center of the area that you wish to dehumidify.

  • Good air circulation within an enclosed area is essential. Doors and windows should be kept closed. You should allow at least 18 inches of air space on all sides of the unit for good air circulation.

  • Ordinarily, a dehumidifier will not operate satisfactorily at temperatures below 41 degrees Fahrenheit or under extremely low humidity conditions. At temperatures below 41 degrees the evaporator coils may freeze. This could make it necessary to defrost the coils as often as once per hour. Most older deluxe models and all current models feature frost controls. Although the frost controls do not eliminate freeze ups below 41 degrees, they will turn off the dehumidifier before a major freeze up occurs.

  • "Low temperature operation" is offered on some models. On these models the dehumidifier will operate below 41 degrees without the evaporator coil icing up. Check the owner's manual to determine the temperature limitations for your specific model.

  • We recommend that a dehumidifier be located in an area that does not go above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


All dehumidifiers use a 15 amp fuse or circuit breaker.


Note: A light coating of frost on the coils is normal when the dehumidifier is first turned on. Under normal conditions, the frost will disappear within 30 to 60 minutes. In very humid rooms, the unit may run continually for three or four days before it can achieve and maintain the desired dryness.