Gas Range & Cooktop - Cleaning Burner Heads and Under the Burner Assembly

Cleaning the parts of your gas burners is not just about keeping them looking good, it is also critical for maintaining the performance of your burners. Regular cleaning of the burner, especially the burner head, is recommended. Follow the steps in each Cleaning section below to ensure your burners are properly maintained.

Cleaning the Burner Components and Under the Burners

Basic Cleaning

Follow the steps below for general cleaning advice. Before you start cleaning, make sure the cooktop surface ad burners are cool. For cleaning tips for your specific model, consult your Owner's Manual.
  1. Remove the grates and set them aside.
  2. Remove the burner cap and clean and dry.
    • There are different cleaning instructions for different types of burner caps. Check your Owner's Manual for cleaning information. 
  3. Carefully lift the burner head straight up and inspect the grooves for any debris. Clean out any food or grease using a paper clip or metal wire from a twist tie. 
  4. For some models,  use a paper clip or metal wire to clean the pin hole(s) on the side of the burner head. This will make sure they are not clogged. For other models, clean the slot or grove to ensure all debris is removed.

Heavy Duty Cleaning of the Burner Heads

If the burner head is heavily soiled, follow the Basic Cleaning steps above and then do the following:
  1. Place the burner head upside down in a solution of mild liquid dish detergent and hot water.
    • DO NOT use ammonia to clean the burner heads as this will cause discoloration.
  2. Soak the burner head in the solution for 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Rinse off the burner thoroughly.
  4. For stubborn stains, scrub the burner head with the dish detergent and water using a soft brush or a plastic scouring pad. 
  5. Rinse well, making sure no cleaner remains on the burner head. 

Cleaning Under the Burner Assemblies

  1. Gently wipe the maintop screws where the burner sits with a clean, damp cloth.
  2. Gently push down on the ignitor with the damp cloth to make sure it is properly seated in place. Wipe away any residue or soil off the ignitor. 
  3. Using a paper clip or metal wire from a twist tie, clean any debris from the opening of the orifice. This helps ensure proper gas flow for the best burner performance. 

Putting the Burners Back On the Cooktop After Cleaning

  1. Make sure all of the burner parts are completely dry before putting them back in place. 
  2. Reassemble the burner head and caps onto the cooktop, making sure the all the burner pieces are seated properly and level.
    • When placing the burner head back on the cooking surface, make sure the pin in the burner base lines up with the pinhole in the burner head.
  3. Place the grates back on the cooktop. 

Cleaning Other Cooktop and Burner Parts


Replacement Parts and Cleaning

  • Go to our Repair Parts site for replacement burner heads, burner caps, grates, and more.
  • For cooktop and grate cleaning products, visit our Appliance Cleaners site. 

Cleaning Videos

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