Gas Range & Cooktop - Cleaning Your Grates and Burner Caps

Burner caps and grates should be cleaned regularly. This will help make it easier to maintain the caps and grates.


Cleaning Grates (Enamel Coated or Cast Iron) and Burner Caps:


  1. Grates and caps should be washed in hot soapy water, rinsed in clean water and dried before you put them back on the cooktop.

  2. Your grates and caps can be cleaned in dishwasher as long as they are enamel coated on the bottom. If they have rubber feet (bumpers), remove them before putting them in the dishwasher.

  3. Brass burner caps can be soaked in a vinegar and water solution. The vinegar and water solution will remove much of any black discoloration with no real scrubbing involved. Brasso or Bar Keepers Friend can make the brass burner caps return to a full shine. This does require a bit more elbow grease and it can alter some of the radial brushing appearance on the brass burner cap.

  4. For burned-on soil, you can try one of the following:

    • Soak the grates and caps in a slightly diluted solution of liquid cleanser and scour with a non-metallic soap filled pad or sponge scrubber.

    • Put the grates and caps in a sealed bag or covered container with 1/4 cup of ammonia. Let them sit in the solution for at least three 3 hours to overnight to loosen any burned on food. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly and dry with a soft, clean cloth before you put them back on the range.

  5. Grates that don't have rubber feet (bumpers) can usually be cleaned in a self-cleaning oven. See your Owner's Manual for specific cleaning instructions for your model. If self-cleaning instructions are not mentioned in the Owner's Manual, the grates should not be cleaned in a self-cleaning oven.

  6. The CeramaBryte® Gas Grate Kit (WX10X10021) can also be used to clean baked on deposits and to revitalize gas grates and burner caps. To use the kit, first put on rubber gloves and safety glasses. Then, follow the instructions on the package. The steps are also listed below:

    1. Mix the cleaning powder with water until dissolved.

    2. Gently place gas grates and burner caps in the solution and allow them to soak several hours or overnight.

    3. Use the brass bristle brush to remove debris from corners and tight angles.

    4. CeramaBryte® cleaning pads can be used to clean surfaces as well.

    5. When clean, simply rinse, dry and return grates and caps to your cooktop.


If your burner caps are actually discoloring or blackening after each use, a flame adjustment may be needed. Too much air mix can cause soot and a yellow flame. We recommend that you contact your gas supplier, or call for service. For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.