Refrigerator How to Align French Doors

How to align or adjust your refrigerator's French doors

Door alignment or adjustment can be done on all French Door Refrigerators that are labeled "Assembled in the USA" on the rating plate. If the doors are uneven on a French-Door model, use the bottom fresh food hinges to align, following the below instructions:

  1. Locate the adjusting screws found on the underside of the fresh food doors of the refrigerator. Refer to the owners manual/installation instructions for exact location. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual and/or Installation Instructions
  2. Using a 1/4” or 4 mm wrench, turn the door adjusting screw to the right to raise the door, to the left to lower it. (A nylon plug, imbedded in the threads of the pin, prevents the pin from turning unless a wrench is used.)
  3. After one or two turns of the wrench, open and close the refrigerator door and check the alignment at the top of the doors.
  4. If necessary, please repeat the above steps until the doors are aligned.

View a short video about aligning your Bottom Freezer French Door:


For information on Side-by-Side doors, see How to Align Side-by-Side Refrigerator Doors.