Refrigerator - Removing Adhesive Residue

Removing packing tape, protective film, and labels from the refrigerator door can leave behind a residue from the adhesive. De-Solv-It Cleaner can be used to remove this residue on Stainless, CleanSteel, and Slate refrigerator doors to remove this residue.


  • De-Solv-It Cleaner can be purchased locally at various locations (ACE, Home Depot, Lowes, Publix, CVS, etc.).

  • Use the Citrus Solution version of the cleaner.

  • For doors ONLY. Do not use on liner or other plastic material.

  • Clean the door with soap and water after use.


This can be used on Top-Mount, Side-by-Side, Bottom-Mount, and French-Door refrigerators and has only been tested on Stainless, CleanSteel, and Slate finishes.


See also Appliance Protective Tape and Label Removal.