Dishwasher - Delay Start Option

Available on many dishwasher models, the Delay Start option delays the start of the wash cycle. The amount of time the wash cycle can be delayed varies by model. The benefit of the Delay Start option is that it allows you to run your dishwasher when its hot water demands will not conflict with those of the family. It also lets you take advantage of off peak utility rates.


For model specific information about the Delay Start (sometimes called Delay Hours) feature, view your Owner's Manual.


For Touch Control dishwasher models:

Touch Control models have a digital time display or LED indicator that will let you know the Delay Start option has been activated. Once activated, Delay Start will display as a number plus the letter "H" (for example: 1H, 2H, 3H and so on) to let you know it is activated.


  • Touch the Delay Start pad once for each hour of delay desired (1 to 14 hours). This time range varies from model to model.

  • The number of hours delayed will be shown in the digital time display or LED indicator. For example: 1 hour delay will show 1H.

  • The control will automatically count down and display the remaining hours left before the wash cycle starts.

  • At the end of the countdown, the dishwasher will start the programmed wash cycle. Unlatching or opening the door does not cancel the Delay Start option.

  • For information on canceling the Delay Start option, see Dishwasher - Canceling the Delay Start Option.


For Mechanical Control dishwasher models:

  • Simply turn the dial pointer to the number of hours (1 to 6) desired for Delay Start.

  • The timer will advance and automatically start the dishwasher cycle. Unlatching the door does not cancel the Delay Start selection.