Refrigerator TurboFreeze Setting

The Turbo Freeze setting "revs up" the freezer compartment, cooling it quickly after frequent or extended door openings.

When this feature is selected, the compressor is activated and the freezer fan turns on at high speed, even when the door is open. The freezer temperature will revert to the coldest setting for a 2 1/2 hours period or until Turbo Freeze is turned off (whichever comes first). It maximizes the cooling ability of the freezer compartment. The Turbo Freeze and Turbo Cool can be run at the same time.

You will typically see 'tF' in the temperature display when set to Turbo Freeze. It may look like an 'EF', an upside down f with an F, or something similar. This is not an error code, it is the Turbo Freeze (tF) setting.

To turn the feature on or off:

  • Press and hold the Freezer pad for 3 seconds.
  • On models with a touch screen (LCD) display, press Express Mode.