Refrigerator - Cleaning Behind / Under the Unit

You may want to clean behind or underneath your refrigerator from time to time. The tips below provide guidance for cleaning behind or underneath your refrigerator. To clean behind the refrigerator, the fridge will need to be pulled away from the wall. Be careful when moving the refrigerator away from the wall. All types of floor coverings can be damaged, particularly vinyl.


Cleaning Behind the Refrigerator:

  1. If your model has wheels/rollers, raise the leveling legs using the Installation Instructions for your specific model as a guide.

  2. Pull the refrigerator straight out. Do not move the refrigerator in a sideways direction. The wheels/rollers are intended to move forward and backward. Moving from side to side may damage the floor covering or the refrigerator.

  3. When cleaning is complete, return the refrigerator back to position by pushing it straight back. Please make sure you don't roll over the power cord or icemaker water supply line if the fridge is connected to water.


Cleaning Under the Refrigerator:

  • Most newer refrigerators have a NeverClean Condenser. You may want to take a look at our Refrigerator - NeverClean Condenser article. While it is not necessary for the performance of refrigerators with a NeverClean Condenser, if you want to clean dust, pet hair, etcetera, off the floor beneath the refrigerator, an appliance brush or vacuum with a hose attachment can be used. You can purchase an appliance brush set GE Appliance part number PM14X10056 from GE Appliance Parts. You can order a GE Appliance Part online at any time.

  • For more information on the brush set, see the article Appliance - Brush Set.


These tips will enable you to easily clean behind and underneath your fridge at any time!