Ranges - Description of a Continuous Clean Oven

Ranges with a Continuous Clean oven liner have a special coating that is a porous ceramic material that is dark in color and feels slightly rough to the touch. If magnified, the surface would appear as peaks, valleys, and subsurface tunnels. This type of interior was found on old ranges and is not on any current models. 

About Continuous Clean:

  • This rough dark finish tends to prevent grease spatters from forming beads or droplets while also "masking" any spills that have occurred. This dispersal action of soil increases the exposure of oven soil to the heated air, which results in oxidation.
  • Due to the finish also reducing the visual effect of residual soil, variances in the darkness of the stains will be apparent. Some stains may not disappear completely and after extended usage, may reappear.
  • Because of this special coating, the oven interior cannot be cleaned in the usual manner with soap, detergents, commercial oven cleaners, coarse abrasive pads or coarse brushes. Their use can cause permanent damage to the liner. For more information: Ranges - Cleaning a Continuous Clean Oven
For care and cleaning of the oven, please consult the Owner's Manual. Download a copy of the Owners Manual.