How To Clean Interior of Advantium

Clean the inside of the oven often to ensure proper heating performance and easier clean-up.


General CleaningSome spatters can be removed with a paper towel, others may require a warm soapy cloth. Remove greasy spatters with a sudsy cloth, then rinse with a damp cloth.



Heavy SoilsIf the dirt and spatter do not come off easily with a warm sudsy cloth, place a medium sized bowl full of water in the unit on the metal tray and press the Speed Cook pad. Select MY RECIPE and set for 10 minutes at U=3, L=3, M=7. This should loosen the dirt in the oven so that it can be removed with a warm sudsy cloth once the oven has cooled.


Turntable AreaThe area underneath the turntable should be cleaned frequently to avoid odors and smoking during a cooking cycle. The turntable can be broken if dropped. Wash carefully in warm, sudsy water. Dry completely and replace. To replace the turntable, place its center over the spindle in the center of the oven and turn it until it seats into place.


Mica SheetThe piece on or near the ceiling should not be removed. To clean, allow the oven to cool completely and wipe clean with a warm soapy cloth.


Halogen Lamp CoverDo not remove the halogen lamp glass cover. The upper halogen lamp cover must be kept free of grease and food spatterings in order to operate effectively. Clean the lamp glass cover often to avoid excess smoking and decreased cooking power.

To clean the upper lamp cover: Allow the oven and glass cover to cool completely. Wipe clean with a warm soapy cloth or plastic scrubbie. For heavy burned on soil, a cleaning scraper may be used to clean the halogen lamp cover. Hold the cleaning scraper at a 30° angle. Scrape the glass clean and wipe up excess soil.


Yellowing or DiscolorationIf you notice yellowing on the metal inside the oven that cannot be removed with a warm sudsy cloth, use a stainless steel cleaner that removes heat discoloration and/or tarnishing. You can then clean the inside of the oven as you normally do. Cerama Bryte® stainless steel cleaner can be used. The part number is PM10X311 and is available through GE Appliance Parts. Purchase a GE Appliance part online. Also, Bar Keepers Friend™ has been found to be successful in removing yellowing on the stainless steel interiors. See also How to Clean Stainless Steel.