Range & Wall Oven - Tips for Self Clean

The following information is helpful when using the Self-Clean (may also be called Auto Clean) cycle for the oven on your wall oven or range. In double oven models, you cannot Self-Clean both ovens at the same time. Also, you cannot bake in one oven while Self-Cleaning the other oven.


Before starting the Self-Clean cycle:

Remove the oven racks and any other items:

  • Remove all items from the oven including probes, foil, silicone mats, stored pans, etcetera. We do not recommend using your oven for storage or lining the oven racks or floor with aluminum foil or silicone mats. However, if they are used and are left in the oven during the Self-Clean cycle, damage to the oven may occur.

  • Do not remove the light bulb or light bulb cover (if applicable).

  • Remove the oven racks unless they are labeled as "Self-Clean" or "Never-Scrub" racks. "Self-Clean" or "Never Scrub" racks will be enameled (dark color) racks. The Owner's Manual for your range or wall oven will indicate that the dark colored racks are able to be left in the oven during Self-Clean and will recommend that you remove shiny or silver colored racks. Although we don't recommend it, Non-Self-Clean shiny or silver racks can be put through the Self-Clean cycle. However, they will discolor and may warp slightly, making it hard to pull them in and out of the oven.



Wipe out the interior:

  • Any amount of spillover (like juices or liquid grease) that is not baked onto the oven bottom should be wiped out with a wet cloth before running through a Self-Clean cycle.

  • Wipe off the inside of the oven door with a damp cloth and remove as much soil as possible from the oven door window. Range & Wall Oven - Cleaning Inner Oven Door Panel on Self Clean Models.

  • Do not use cleaning products when wiping off the door, window or oven interior when preparing for a Self-Clean cycle.


During the Self-Clean cycle:

  • A small amount of smoke may escape from the oven during the Self-Clean cycle. This is because the soil in the oven is being burned off and turned into ash. A small amount of smoke is considered normal.

  • If excessive smoking occurs during Self-Cleaning, this is usually caused by excessive grease or soil (or perhaps a utensil, etcetera) inside the oven.

    1. We recommend that you ventilate the kitchen by opening windows or turning on the exhaust fan while performing the Self-Clean function.

    2. If there are flames inside the oven, switch the oven to Off.

    3. Allow the oven to cool for at least one hour.

    4. Correct the condition which caused the smoking.

    5. Start the Self-Clean operation again.

  • Many ranges and wall ovens use fans to help cool down the internal components during and after Self-Cleaning. The fan or blower could run for a while after the Self-Clean cycle is complete until the oven has cooled.


After the Self-Clean cycle:

  • It can take between 30 and 90 minutes for the oven to cool down after a Self-Clean cycle. The lock light and/or clean light may remain on during this time.

  • White ash on the oven interior after the Self-Clean cycle is normal. Food soil can leave ash deposits in the oven after it has burned off. This appears as a light film or a darker, heavier ash, depending upon the amount of soil which was in the oven. This ash can be removed with a water and vinegar solution using a sponge or cloth.


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