Disposer Stopped Running

Your disposer is equipped with a thermo-electric control which protects the motor when overloading occurs. When overloaded the motor will automatically stop and no longer operate. Overloading can be caused by packing food waste too tightly into the disposer before starting the unit or by feeding food waste into the disposer too rapidly. Objects (utensils, etc.) may fall into the unit and jam the flywheel.

If your disposer stops during use:

  1. Turn off the control switch.
  2. Remove the cause of the overload.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the overload control to cool.
  4. Reset the disposal. See Disposer Reset Instructions
    • CONTINUOUS FEED MODELS: Press the reset button on the front near the bottom or on the bottom and turn the wall switch to restart the disposer.
    • BATCH FEED MODELS: Press the reset button on the bottom of the disposer and turn the Twist top to operate position to re-start disposer.
If the disposer will not restart after you have removed the apparent cause, use a short lever to turn the flywheel to free the jam. CAUTION: NEVER PUT YOUR HAND INTO THE DISPOSER. BE SURE TO TURN OFF POWER FIRST, THEN ALWAYS USE TONGS OR A LARGE SPOON TO REMOVE OBJECTS FROM THE DISPOSER.