Refrigerator - Not Dispensing Ice

If the dispenser on your refrigerator is not dispensing ice at all, please check the following things to see if it is something you can fix yourself or if your refrigerator requires repair service.

  • Make sure the doors are fully closed.

  • Frozen ice in the bucket can cause only crushed ice to be dispensed or keep ice from dispensing at all. The bucket can be removed and rinsed with warm water. If the condition reappears, the icemaker may be leaking or overfilling which would require service.

  • Ice may occasionally jam in the ice chute. If this occurs, open the left refrigerator door, open the ice box door on the inside of the left door, then remove the ice bucket. Place a container in the dispenser recess on the outside of the door. Using a wooden spoon, push the ice out of the chute into the container in the recess.

  • It is possible that moisture or frost could have formed behind the freezer wall on the auger motor.

    1. Set the dispenser for cubed ice.

    2. Take a glass and push in on the cradle and hold in for 30 to 60 seconds.

    3. This will allow the motor to run to create some heat to melt the moisture or frost. If it doesn't dispense after 1 minute, then service would be required.


You may want to check out the Refrigerator - Ice Dispensing Intermittently article as well.

If service is needed, please schedule a repair appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.