Dehumidifier - Fan Stays On, Will Not Shut Off

When using a dehumidifier, if not set in the Continuous Mode or Non-stop Mode, the compressor will turn off when it reaches the set relative humidity level. The fan should turn off about 3 minutes after the compressor cycles off.


Factors that could affect the dehumidifier fan operation:

  • The humidity level rises again, so the fan stays on and the compressor comes back on.

  • Frost on the coils will cause the fan to stay on to defrost the unit. The compressor will stay off and the fan will stay on until the coils are defrosted.

  • A dirty air filter. Consult the Owner's Manual for your specific dehumidifier model for directions on cleaning the air filter.


If the fan does not shut off after approximately 3 minutes and just runs continuously, the dehumidifier would not be operating as intended. If the dehumidifier is not shutting off, please refer to the specific model warranty located in the Owner's Manual for the dehumidifier you own.


If the unit is out of warranty and in need of a repair, check with local servicer providers to see if they service dehumidifiers. GE Appliances Factory Service does not service dehumidifiers.


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