Refrigerator - Keurig® Brewing System Software Update Message

Refrigerators with the Keurig® K-Cup Brewing System have the ability to connect to the SmartHQ™ app (download from the Apple App Store or Google Play) through your WiFi. By connecting to the SmartHQ app on your smartphone, you can check and adjust your refrigerator temperature, check your ice capacity, schedule hot water, make sure your door is closed, and more!

Connecting to the SmartHQ app also allows you to receive important software updates when they are available.

  1. If your refrigerator is connected to WiFi using the SmartHQ app, check to see if the app is prompting you to update the refrigerator software.
  2. If so, update the software using the SmartHQ app as soon as possible. This can take up to 30 minutes and refrigerator functionality will be lost during this time. Hot water will no longer be disabled once the software is updated.

For information about updating your appliance WiFi Module and Software, visit: Smart Appliances - WiFi Module and Software Updates

If you need assistance with the software update, the SmartHQ app or the WiFi connectivity of the refrigerator, call the Connected Home Support Line at 1-800-220-6899, Monday -Friday 9am - 11pm ET, Saturday - Sunday 9am - 3pm ET, or email [email protected].