Smart Appliances - WiFi Module and Appliance Software Updates

One of the benefits of having smart appliances is the ability to receive Software and WiFi Module updates for your appliances through the SmartHQ™ app when the appliances are connected to your WiFi.  For more information about how your appliances can get better over time, visit: Downloadable Appliance Upgrades.


Software Updates


Keeping your appliance software up-to-date is easy with the SmartHQ app.  Critical updates will automatically be pushed to your appliance when it is connected. For performance updates, you will receive an "Update Available" notification through the SmartHQ app that you choose to accept when you’re ready.


With some smart appliances, there are features or cycles are only available when connected to WiFi. When a new feature upgrade is available, you will be alerted on both the appliance control and the SmartHQ app. Just follow instructions in the SmartHQ app for downloading. 



  • Cooking: Depending on the model, once the appliance is connected to WiFi, some features will be added immediately. If it remains connected, you will be able to use other features, as well as receive future upgrades and performance optimizations. For more information, visit: Smart Range and Wall Oven- Product Upgrades When Connected .

  • Laundry: Connect your smart washer to use specialty washer cycles, like Quick Rinse, Hand Wash, and Activewear, that are only available when using the SmartHQ app.


WiFi Module Updates


Keeping your smart appliance WiFi module up-to-date allows your appliance to run as efficiently as possible. You will get update notifications for your appliance's WiFi module using the SmartHQ app.  WiFi Optional models connect to WiFi using the Connect Module, which also updates through the SmartHQ app.   





Please reference the SmartHQ Privacy Statement for full details. In general, we are interested in how you use your appliances (cycles, settings, or options used) or any detectable issues (like error codes) so that we can improve the overall appliance experience. 



Further Assistance


If you're experiencing a poor or slow internet connection, it may take longer to download an update (just like if you’re downloading a movie with poor internet) but it will not prevent you from being able to download the update or use the appliance. If your WiFi connection is interrupted, the appliance will reconnect to your network when it is available again, and your features that are already downloaded will still be there.


If you have any issues with an update, you can get further assistance by calling the Connected Home Support Line at 1-800-220-6899, Monday -Friday 9am - 11pm ET, Saturday - Sunday 9am - 3pm ET, or by emailing [email protected].