Washers - Allergen Cycle

On washers with an Allergen cycle, there is an extra rinse and the time and temperature is adjusted when set to Allergen to remove feline (cat) dander and dust mites. While the overall time the Allergen cycle can vary among washers, they meet NSF P351 protocols. You will typically see a longer wash period on the Allergen cycle than a Normal cycle.


Washers certified to this protocol must remove at least 95 percent of house dust mite allergens and feline dander. The wash water must reach 131° F (the temperature required to kill dust mites) for at least three minutes. The washer must be easily cleanable, corrosion resistant and designed to avoid accumulation of dirt and debris.


This cycle differs from the Sanitize cycle. As a general rule sanitization is achieved by maintaining a combination of time and temperature to reduce 99.9 percent of microorganisms from clothing. Allergen is achieved with time, temperature, and extra rinsing of the load. For more information about the Sanitize cycle, visit: Washers - Sanitize Cycle.