Washers - Sanitize Cycle

On washers with a Sanitize cycle, a combination of time and higher water temperature will sanitize and kill more than 99.9% of many common bacteria found in home laundry. The time and temperature combination can vary by model; but ultimately laundry products with this cycle provide this benefit as validated by an accredited 3rd party test agency.  Not only must a washer be able to reduce 99.9% of microorganisms when clothing is washed on the sanitization cycle, there must be no significant carryover of bacteria into future loads.

This cycle differs from the Allergen cycle. As a general rule sanitization is achieved by maintaining a combination of time and temperature to reduce 99.9% of microorganisms from clothing. Allergen reduction is achieved with time, temperature, and extra rinsing of the load. The Allergen cycle must remove at least 95% of house dust mite allergens and feline dander. For more information about the Allergen cycle, visit: Washers - Allergen Cycle