Dishwasher WiFi Connect - Benefits of the Kitchen - GE Appliances App

On dishwashers with "WiFi Connect" features, you can monitor your dishwasher on your smart phone by using the Kitchen - GE Appliances app (available through the Apple App Store and Google Play).

With the Kitchen - GE Appliances app, you'll be able to:

  • Monitor dishwasher cycle time and status
  • Receive a notification when the cycle is complete
  • Lock and unlock controls
  • Determine if your rinse agent is low
  • Track the number of detergent pods used
  • Mute chimes/tones
  • Set Sabbath Mode (turn off control lights and tones)
  • Get an alert if a leak is detected
  • Further expand the capabilities of your product by connecting with our integrations  

For more information on WiFi Connect models and how they work, visit: Connected Dishwashers

To connect your dishwasher:

Having WiFi Connect GE Appliances allows you several new avenues for controlling and monitoring your appliances through strategic partnerships designed to enhance your ownership experience and make life easier. For more information: WiFi Connect - Integrations.