Smart Washers - Built-In WiFi Set-Up Troubleshooting

For help connecting your smart washer: Smart Washers and Dryers - Set-Up Built-in WiFi

If you have difficulty with the set-up process when connecting your washer to your WiFi:

Communication Failed

  • You may have entered the wrong password or chosen the wrong home network. Verify you have entered the home WiFi network password correctly.
  • HINT: To check if the issue is with the password or the SmartHQ™ app, disconnect the phone or another device from your home WiFi network and reconnect by entering your home network password manually.  If the password is correct and the SmartHQ app will not connect, contact the Connected Home Support Line at 1-800-220-6899, Monday -Friday 9am - 11pm ET, Saturday - Sunday 9am - 3pm ET, or email [email protected].

SmartHQ App Cannot Locate the Home Network

  • If you do not see your home network in the list of WiFi networks, your home network may be hidden. Chose the "Other" option and enter your network name and password yourself.
  • If the App still cannot locate your home network, move the router closer to the appliance or purchase a WiFi extender.

Connection Failed

  • LED Solid Light: The app is unable to locate the appliance.  Close the SmartHQ app and reopen it to resolve the issue.
  • LED Flashing Light: Password or home network is incorrect.  Press "Retry" and re-enter the home network name and password. 

For further assistance, call the Connected Home Support Line at 1-800-220-6899, Monday -Friday 9am - 11pm ET, Saturday - Sunday 9am - 3pm ET, or email [email protected].For information on the washer's Clean Speak feature: Laundry Clean Speak