Does My Appliance Have WiFi Capability?

GE Appliances has a full suite of smart appliances you can monitor or control using the SmartHQ™ App on your smartphone or hands-free using with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant*. For more information on our smart appliances, visit:

Confirm Your Appliance Has WiFi Capability

  1. Locate your model number on the GE Appliances web site.
    • Where is my model number located?
    • To search for your model, each page on our GE Appliances web site has a search box in the upper right corner where you can type your model number.
  2. Select the model number closest to yours from the results list.
    • Your model may have an extra number or letter in the model number. Just select the model that most closely matches your model.
  3. On the model product page, find the "Specs & Details" tab. Search for the "WiFi Connect" feature in the list or "Smart" in the description.
    • If WiFi Connect or Smart is not listed, your model is not connectable.
    • If Smart, Built-In WiFi, or Optional WiFi is listed as a feature, you just have to download the SmartHQ App and connect your appliance. Appliances with Optional WiFi Connect will also require a Connect Module: PBX23W00Y0. For more information, see our Built-In WiFi vs Optional WiFi article.


Learn more about using your smart appliances at Smart Appliances support.
For additional WiFi questions, you can contact our Connected Home Support Line at 1-800-220-6899, Monday -Friday 9am - 11pm ET, Saturday - Sunday 9am - 3pm ET, or email [email protected].
*Google is a trademark of Google LLC.