Opal Ice Maker - Filter, Parts & Accessories

Opal Water Filter

Most Opal Ice Maker models do not ship with a water filter, though one is available as an accessory. The Opal water filter is designed to provide fresh-tasting ice every time. If you have the filter anduse distilled water, you also have ice that is free from hard minerals that cause scaling and changes in taste.
If connecting a side tank with your Opal Ice Maker, all the water from the side tank flows through the bottom reservoir where the Opal Water Filter is installed. Therefore, water from both the reservoir and the side tank is filtered prior to being used for ice production. We recommend replacing the water filter accessory every three months for maximum freshness. The part number for the filter is P4INKFILTR and it can be purchased from our GE Appliances website.

Filter Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the included screen from the ice machine. Make sure the filter is positioned with the "Fins" up.
  2. Using two right-hand fingers to hold the Fins, slide the nozzle end of the filter into the hole located at the back, left-hand side of the lower reservoir.
  3. Slide the base of the filter, where your fingers are located, so that it fits against the tab located towards the middle of the backside. Push down into the place to ensure the filter is properly assembled into the ice maker.
To remove the water filter, twist the filter toward you and lift.

Opal Cleaning Kit

For sanitizing the Opal, we recommend cleaning the Opal weekly.
For cleaning tips, visit:The Opal cleaning kit is designed for routine Opal maintenance to remove internal and external scale (mineral and calcium build-up). We recommend using the cleaning kit every 6 months or sooner, depending on your water conditions. To purchase a cleaning kit, visit: https://firstbuild.com/products/opal-cleaning-kit/
For additional information, please refer to the Owner's Manual for your specific model.