Dehumidifier - Draining Options

There are three ways to remove collected water from the bucket (two for non-pump models):

Empty the Tank Manually

When the bucket it full, remove the bucket and dump out the water in a sink. The unit will automatically shut off when the bucket is removed.

  • Do not use the drain hose (garden hose) if you are using the bucket. When the hose is connected, water will go through it instead of running into the bucket.
  • The bucket must be securely in place for the dehumidifier to operate.


Attach a Garden Hose - Drains to Floor Drain:

Dehumidifiers have a drain connection which can be connected to a standard garden hose (not included). This allows collected water to continuously drain to a floor drain. The unit drains by gravity, so the hose needs to be laying flat on the ground and should be cut to the shortest length possible.

To use:

  1. Remove the bucket from the front of the unit.
  2. Open the drain cover on the back of the unit.
  3. Thread a standard garden hose onto the drain nozzle.
  4. Cut the hose to length and lead it to the floor drain.

Pump Water Out (Drain Pump Models Only):

When the 16 ft pump drain hose (included with drain pump models) is connected and the water level inside the bucket is full, the drain pump automatically pumps the water to a drain. The drain pump can pump up to 16 vertical feet. Do not use a longer length of tubing than the 16 ft provided.

  1. Attach the pump hose to the hose connector by pushing the tube fitting into the connector until it fits into place.
  2. Place the other end of the drain tube into a suitable drainage location, like a drain, sink, or sump.
  3. Make sure the pump feature is activated on the control. To activate: Press and hold the Pump button for 3 seconds. The Pump indicator light flashes and then stays illuminated once set.


The bucket must be in place for the drain pump to operate. The pump only activates when the bucket is full.

Dehumidifier Drain Plug - APEL70 Model