Top Load Washers - SmartDispense™ on 2017 and Newer Models

When selected, SmartDispense™ senses the size of your load and will automatically add detergent to the wash, eliminating the need to add detergent for each load. This machine is equipped with a bulk detergent reservoir that can hold approximately 75 ounces of liquid detergent for your convenience. This is enough detergent for about 50 average laundry loads, depending on what dispense amount is selected.

Note: These new models with SmartDispense do not include a fabric softener tank, detergent only.

To determine the year of manufacture, locate the serial number of your product and refer to this table: How to Determine the Age or Manufacture Date of a GE Appliance

How It Works:

  • The detergent amount selection on the control panel will default to AUTO when first powering up the washing machine. When AUTO is selected, the amount of detergent needed for each laundry load will automatically be determined based on the size of the load the machine senses.
  • If you need to manually select the amount of detergent for a given load, this can be done by pressing the Detergent Dispense button on the control panel to select detergent for a Small, Normal or Large load.
    • Small will provide less detergent than average
    • Normal will provide an average amount of detergent
    • Large will provide more detergent than average.
  • The SmartDispense feature can be disabled by pressing the Detergent Dispense button until OFF is selected.
  • Not all cycles will allow the use of the SmartDispense feature. If the light is illuminated below the Off position and pressing the Detergent Dispense button results in a beeping tone, then Smart Dispense is not allowed for the cycle that has been selected. Detergent will need to be added directly to the wash basket for these cycles.

Adding Detergent to Bulk Smart Dispenser

  • The filling port of the detergent reservoir is located on the front left of the washing machine. To fill the reservoir with liquid detergent, first open the tank lid by rotating the small lid clockwise. Then pour LIQUID detergent into the opening until the level reaches the MAX indicator located inside the filling port, also indicated with the horizontal line next to the MAX lettering.
  • Filling to this MAX level will provide detergent for about 50 average laundry loads. To ensure detergent is always available, liquid detergent should be added to the reservoir whenever there is no longer detergent visible when looking directly into the filling port. While the visible part of the filling port is only about 2” deep, the tank is a long, shallow tank (think of filling up a cookie sheet with water as an analogy) that has a slight taper down. When detergent is no longer seen in the detergent cup, there is roughly 18 oz of detergent remaining. This is good for about 10 loads based off of average usage.
    • The bulk tank/resevoir has no level sensor so visual inspection is required.  There are no alerts sounded on the machine or through the WiFi app when detergent is low.


  • If you are changing to a different detergent, you do not need to flush the smartdispense system. New detergent can be added to a partially filled tank; however, it will not be immediately dispensed until the original detergent is completely dispensed from the system.
  • In the event that chlorine bleach or some other liquid get into the tank accidentally spilled, the bulk dispenser tank can be purged. Follow the "Detergent Tank Clean-Out" instructions in Owner's Manual or visit Top Load Washers - Bulk Detergent Tank Clean Out in order to minimize the possibility for clothing damage. If only a few drops of bleach are spilled into the detergent tank, there is no need to flush the tank.
  • There is no adjustment for soft water. The Smart Dispense can be overridden and we recommend going one size down from the Load size that is put into the washer. For example, for a medium size load, select small on the Smart Dispense setting.