Top Load Washer - Bulk Detergent Tank Clean Out

On 2017 and newer top load washers with SmartDispenseā„¢, you can clear out the bulk detergent tank if needed (ex. bleach got into the dispenser, storing the washer for an extended period of time).

Top Load Washers - SmartDispense on 2017 and Newer Models

Detergent Tank Clean-Out

We recommend you clean out the detergent tank if you change detergents only. 

All clothes should be removed from the washer prior to cleaning out the detergent tank. Hot water can be added to the tank (but is not required) to aid in flushing out the system of any residual detergent prior to starting or during the clean out routine.

  1. Press and hold both the Detergent Dispense and Select buttons for three seconds. 
  2. The empty out routine will begin with the contents of tank, mixed with water, being dispensed into the basket and consequently drained from the machine at the same time.
  3. The empty out routine will continue for approximately 15 minutes unless it is paused by the pressing of the Start button.

If tank is initially full, routine may need to be run a second time to empty detergent tank.