Microwave WiFi Connect - Benefits of Kitchen- GE Appliances App

On microwaves with "WiFi Connect" features, use the Alexa Smart Home Skill, U+ Connect, to allow hands-free control of your microwave or use Scan-to-Cook to with over 3,000 frozen foods to program your microwave with the correct settings.

When using Voice Control...

By using the U+ Connect Smart Home Skill with Alexa enabled devices, you can make cooking and reheating even easier in your microwave by using voice activation. For example, tell Alexa to...

  • start the microwave
  • microwave on high for 2 minutes
  • defrost three pounds of chicken/steak/hamburger in my microwave  
  • stop the microwave
  • pause the microwave
  • add 30 more seconds to the microwave
  • add 2 minutes on the microwave
  • microwave coffee/popcorn/potato/soup
  • reheat soup

When using Scan-To-Cook...

Connect your microwave using the Kitchen - GE Appliances app (available through the Apple App Store and Google Play), and then scan the UPC bar code on any one of 3,000 frozen foods to send the directions, power level, and time to your smart phone.

For more information on WiFi Connect models and how they work, visit: Connected Microwaves