Electric Range & Cooktop - Coil Burner Sensi-Temp Technology

Starting in 2018, UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) regulations require all electric coil top ranges to have temperature limiting capabilities to reduce the risk of cooktop oil and grease fires. As a result, our electric coil burners now use Sensi-Temp Technology.


Each burner with this technology has a silver medallion with a button (sensor) in the center of the coil. This button must make contact with the bottom of the cookware for the Sensi-Temp Technology to sense the temperature properly. When the sensor detects a pan temperature near the limit (450 degrees F), the burner will shut off automatically until a lower, safe pan temperature is reached. At that point, the burner will resume heating. This will not affect everyday cooking as the automatic shut-off is temporary and only happens at a very high temperature.Please note that stovetop cooking is an attended function. The Sensi-temp technology is NOT intended to automatically shut-off the burner.  When a Sensi-Temp burner has been turned on, it will continue to heat even after a pan has been removed, and until the knob have been set to the OFF position.


During the temporary automatic shut-off:

  • The burner will cycle ON (bright red) and OFF (dark) to maintain safe cooking temperatures.

  • When cycling OFF, the burner retains enough heat to continue cooking. The burner will cycle back ON automatically.

  • This cycling will continue during the entire cooking time.


To avoid overcooking, remove pans from the burner when the food is cooked. Please avoid placing anything on the burner until it has cooled completely.



Ranges and Cooktops Manufactured before 2018:

  • Coil burners/elements with the Sensi-Temp Technology are compatible with most 2011 and newer, 30" freestanding GE or Hotpoint brand electric ranges and cooktops. Sensi-Temp burners on ranges and cooktops manufactured on or after the regulatory change cannot be replaced with burners without Sensi-Temp Technology. Electric Range & Cooktop - Replacing Plug-In Surface Burner.


If one or all of the burners are not working, visit: Electric Range & Cooktop -  Sensi-Temp Coil Burners Not Working.