Kitchen Hub - Ventilation

The ventilation system in the Kitchen Hub matches the capabilities of our high-end designer hoods with an adjustable 600 CFM ventilation system. For venting, the Kitchen Hub is set-up to vent to exhaust outside; however, it can easily be set-up as recirculating exhaust.
  • Can be installed in a 30"W cut-out. There are not filler panels or trim kit to allow it to be installed as a replacement in wider cut-out spaces (ex. like a 36"W microwave or vent hood)
  • Equipped with a heat sensor that activates the vent fan if excessive temperatures are detected above the cooktop surface to protect the Kitchen Hub components from overheating.
  • Complies with UL standards for vents above ranges and cooktops.
  • The product should not be installed over any cooktop or range with a combined cooktop BTU greater than 72,000 BTU
  • Ships with two dishwasher safe mesh grease filters and the charcoal filter for recirculating installations
  • For models set-up for recirculating exhaust: Do not allow cabinetry or other objects to block the airflow of the vent.
  • Does not have to be installed over a cooking product; however, all installation specifications and clearances MUST be met. 
Separate from the ventilation system is a Screen Protection System to protect the touch screen from heat, moisture, and grease. For more information: Kitchen Hub - Air Curtain Screen Protection Feature