Scratches on Appliances

There four types of finishes on our appliances:


  • Stainless Steel: Uncoated stainless steel. Found on Stainless and Black Stainless models. 

  • Painted Finish:  Highly engineered, low-gloss matte metallic paint finish. Found on Slate and Black Slate models.

  • Baked-On Porcelain:High quality porcelain enamel that is powder coated and baked on. Found on Black, White, Bisque, Almond models.

  • CleanSteel™ (discontinued in 2015):  Laminate vinyl designed to look like stainless. Found on CleanSteel models. 


Scratches on Non-Stainless Finishes


  • To keep your appliance looking new and provide protection for the exterior paint finish, we recommend that you apply a coat of appliance polish wax when the appliance is new, and then at least twice a year.

  • You may use appliance wax for light scratches that occur, but larger scratches will need to be repaired with appliance touch up paint. Touch up paint is available through our parts department. Purchase a part online.

  • Scratches on CleanSteel exteriors cannot be repaired; the parts would need to be replaced.


Scratches on Stainless Finishes


  • Cleaners that contain Oxalic Acid, such as Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser, will remove rust, tarnish, and small blemishes. Use only the liquid cleanser (free of grit) and be sure rub in the direction of the metal grain lines with a damp soft sponge.

  • If the stainless is scratched, using one of these cleaning methods can often help reduce the appearance of the scratches. For visible scratches, there is not an approved repair method to cover the scratches. 

  • For other care information: How to Clean Stainless Steel.