Air Conditioners Spitting or Spraying Water

Room air conditioners have a "slinger ring" around the rear fan blade that picks up water in the base pan and throws it against the condenser coils. This helps improve the efficiency of the unit and helps remove moisture from the pan.

As the slinger ring throws the water against the condenser coils, you may see water spitting or dripping on the outdoor side of the unit. This is normal.

If your air conditioner is spitting water inside the room, several things may be causing the problem:

  • The base pan may be clogged with grass or dirt. If this is the case, the unit may need to be professionally cleaned.
  • The unit may be installed so that it is tilted slightly into the room. It should be level or tilted slightly to the outside (about 1/4").
  • The air filter may need to be cleaned.