Range & Wall Oven - Use of Commercial Oven Cleaner in Self-Cleaning Oven

Do not clean your Self-Clean oven with commercial oven cleaners, even those specifically designed for use with Self-Clean ovens. Self-Clean ovens offer a Self-Clean cycle and most models manufactured 2016 and after also have a Steam Clean cycle. For information about the Steam Clean cycle, please check out our Range & Wall Oven - Steam Clean article. You can also manually clean a Self-Clean oven using dish soap and water. For more information on how to do this, take a look at our Range & Wall Oven - Manually Cleaning a Self Clean Oven article.

  • Do not use any commercial oven cleaner in or around any part of the Self-Clean oven.

  • Continuous use of chemical cleaners on a Self-Cleaning oven liner will cause etching and discoloration of the liner. Eventually, this will cause the oven to not clean effectively when using the Self-Clean cycle.


If a commercial oven cleaner has been used on a Self-Cleaning oven:

  • Be sure to remove all traces of the cleaner prior to operating the Self-Clean cycle again. Oven cleaner residue should be rinsed away with clear water by using a damp (not soaked) cloth or rag.


We also do not recommend the use of any oven liner protective coating (like aluminum foil, silicone oven floor mats, etcetera) to catch spillovers or to extend the time between Self-Clean cycles.