Range & Wall Oven - Sabbath Mode

The Sabbath Mode feature is designed for use on the Jewish Sabbath and holidays when the observant are prohibited from turning the oven on or off or taking an action that causes the oven control display to change. When this feature is activated the oven may be set to go on immediately and stay on for a set amount of time or to turn off automatically after a set amount of time. The oven will stay at the temperature the user selects when first activating the Sabbath Mode.

  • The Sabbath feature can be used for regular baking, timed baking and roasting.

  • It cannot be used for convection cooking, broiling, delay-start cooking or self-cleaning.


The Sabbath Mode control allows the oven to operate in the Sabbath Mode for a minimum of three days; however, Sabbath Mode will stay on until turned off.

  • The digital display will not illuminate to show time, temperature or the selected oven function until the Sabbath Mode feature is manually deactivated at the end of the Sabbath or holiday.

  • The oven control selections can be set before or after the Sabbath feature is activated. In the event of a power failure while the oven is set in Sabbath Mode, the unit will return to Sabbath Mode when power is restored. However, the oven will return to the Off state even if it was in the middle of a bake cycle when the power outage occurred. 

  • The oven light in the single wall oven and the upper oven of a double wall oven is automatically locked out by the control while using the Sabbath Mode feature.

  • The light in the lower oven of the double wall oven comes on automatically when the door is opened. This oven light may be turned on prior to the Sabbath or the light bulb may be removed.

  • On some models the clock will still show the time but not the temperature or oven function.


Check the owner’s manual for instructions on setting the Sabbath Mode. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.


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For instructions on setting the Sabbath Mode on models with number pad controls:



For instructions on setting the Sabbath Mode on models with arrow (+/-) control pads: