Dishwasher Sanitization Cycle

This cycle is designed to meet NSF Residential standards, not NSF Commercial standards. To meet NSF Residential (National Sanitation Foundation) requirements, the dishwasher will run until the water temperature inside the dishwasher reaches approximately 155 degrees F.

Sanitization (also called SaniWash, Sanitize, or Anti-Bacteria):

  • Timing of the cycle is determined by how long it takes for the water to be heated to 155 degrees F. If it takes less than one hour to heat the water, The dishwasher continues to circulate this temperature water for an additional 5 minutes. At this point, the dishwasher will pump out.
    • If Heated Dry is used, the dry cycle will run and then the Sanitization light will illuminate.
    • If Heated Dry is not used, there will be a short cool down period and then the Sanitization light will illuminate.
  • The dishwasher attempt to heat the water longer than 1 hour. If the water is still not 155 degrees F after 1 hour of heating, the dishwasher will shut off and the Sanitization light will not illuminate. 


If the Sanitize light is not on: Dishwashers - Sanitized Light Not On at End of Cycle

If the dishwasher has Sani-Rinse instead of Sani Wash or Sanitize, visit: Dishwasher Sani-Rinse Option