Smart Air Conditioner - Set Up Built-In WiFi

When you have a window room air conditioner with Built-In WiFi powered by SmartHQ™, you will need to set up the air conditioner to take advantage of every feature offered by the air conditioner.

Step 1: Create a WiFi Account with the SmartHQ App

The SmartHQ App can be used on Apple or Android smart phones and is available to download for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, open the app on your smart phone and sign in or create a WiFi account.
  • If you already have a WiFi account, select "Sign In." This takes you to the Welcome screen.
  • If you do not have a WiFi account, select "Create Account." After you fill out the required information, you will receive an email to verify the account. Once the account has been verified, you will be able to use the email and password you created to sign into the app.
Air Conditioner - Benefits of the SmartHQ App

Step 2: Connect the Air Conditioner

Open the SmartHQ app and sign in. On the Home screen, press the Plus sign (+) to "Add An Appliance" screen. Choose "Profile," then find the Air Conditioner icon and select "Window Air Conditioner" to get to the Welcome screen. Press Next.
  1. Turn on the air conditioner and press the "WiFi" button until the LED light starts flashing.
  2. Find the Connected Appliance Info label on the right side of the air conditioner. The label contains the network name and password.
  3. Type in the label information into the SmartHQ app and then press "Next."
  4. Select the WiFi module listed in the app and select your home WiFi network. Press "Next."
  5. When setup is complete, press "Done" in the app.
  6. The SmartHQ app will then attempt to find your appliance in the cloud. This may take several minutes. Once finished, you'll get a confirmation that your appliance is Connected. The WiFi LED on your air conditioner will now be solid.
For set up assistance, you can also follow these steps in our "Connect your GE Profile™ Smart Air Conditioner" video below:
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If you have difficulty connecting your air conditioner to your WiFi, visit the Air Conditioner - Built-In WiFi Set Up Troubleshooting article.
For further assistance, call the Connected Home Support Line at 1-800-220-6899, Monday - Friday 9am - 11pm ET, Saturday - Sunday 9am - 3pm ET, or email [email protected].