Amazon Alexa Benefits for Smart Appliances

The information in this article applies when you are using a smart appliance from our family of brands, including GE, GE Profile, Monogram, Café, Haier, and Fisher & Paykel, with the SmartHQ™ app.


Use Amazon Alexa to take your smart appliances to the next level with hands-free voice controls. For voice activation, you must have one or more of our Smart products connected to your home WiFi network.



Interact with your smart appliances using SmartHQ™, GE Appliances' Smart Home Skill. Start by saying "Alexa,..."and state your request. For help getting started with Alexa visit: Amazon Alexa Set-Up for Smart Appliances


Here are some of the ways Alexa and SmartHQ can work together to bring voice control to your Smart appliances:


Refrigerator with Hot Water Dispenser



  • set the refrigerator to 38 degrees.

  • set the refrigerator to minimum/maximum.

  • set the refrigerator to hot chocolate.

  • set the refrigerator to tea.

  • set the refrigerator to soup

  • to turn on/off TurboCool.

  • to turn TurboFreeze on/off.

  • to make hot water in 10 minutes.

  • to turn on/off Sabbath mode.

  • to set the freezer to -3 degrees.

  • to check the status of my water filter.

  • to turn the icemaker on/off.


Wall Oven or Range



  • turn on/off the oven.

  • preheat the oven to three hundred fifty degrees.

  • preheat the oven to three hundred fifty degrees in convection roasting.

  • bake for 45 minutes in the oven.

  • set the oven to convection baking for 20 minutes.

  • cook chicken nuggets in the oven for 30 minutes.

  • is the oven on?

  • what’s the temperature in the oven?

  • what temp did I set the oven to?

  • to set a timer for 20 minutes.

  • to turn off the oven.

  • to cancel baking.

  • to set oven to convection roast/bake.

  • to turn the warming drawer to low/medium/high/off.

  • to set a timer for 10 minutes.

  • to turn on/off Sabbath mode.

  • to preheat my oven for turkey. 


Microwave Oven



  • microwave for two minutes on high.

  • defrost five pounds of chicken.

  • add 30 seconds to the microwave.

  • pause the microwave.

  • resume the microwave.

  • stop the microwave.

  • microwave for 2 minutes 30 seconds.


Advantium (5-in-1) Oven



  • turn on/off the Advantium.

  • preheat the Advantium to 350 degrees.

  • set the Advantium to warm/broil/toast/proof.

  • cook for 20 minutes in the Advantium.

  • set the Advantium to convection baking for 20 minutes.

  • set Advantium to convection bake at 350 degrees.

  • microwave for 10 minutes in Advantium.

  • is the Advantium on?

  • what temp did I set Advantium to?


Vent Hood



  • turn on the hood fan.

  • turn on the hood light.

  • set the hood fan speed to boost.

  • set the hood light level to max.





  • what is the dishwasher status

  • do I need rinse aid?

  • how many detergent pods do I have left?





  • what is the washer status?

  • turn on/off the washer

  • if my laundry is clean.  





  • what is the dryer status?

  • turn on/off the dryer

  • to keep tumbling.

  • to turn on/off the dryer.


Room Air Conditioner



  • set the air conditioner to 72 degrees.

  • what temperature is it in here?

  • turn down the air conditioner.

  • set the air conditioner to cool.

  • set the air conditioner fan speed to high.

  • to turn on/off the air conditioner.


Coffee Maker/Coffee Brewer



  • turn on coffee brewer.

  • turn off coffee brewer.


Opal 2.0 Ice Maker



  • turn on Opal.

  • turn off Opal.

  • turn on Opal light. 

  • turn off Opal light.

  • set the Opal light to minimum/maximum/dim. 


Alexa will not notify you that something has completed unless you first ask Alexa for the status. For automatic notifications, you can choose for notifications to appear on your mobile device through the SmartHQ app.