Range - Chef Connect Feature

Gas, dual fuel and electric ranges with Chef Connect can be synced (paired)* with any hood or over-the-range microwave that also has Chef Connect. This feature allows you to synchronize the clocks on both the range and microwave or hood as well as the cooktop burners with the microwave or hood vent fan and light. Both the range and microwave must have the Chef Connect feature.


*This is a Bluetooth® pairing feature between Chef Connect enabled products and does not require a WiFi connection or smartphone.


When the appliances are paired, they will use the Default Sync Settings upon receiving a command from the cooktop (for example, when the burners are turned on). It will remain ON at that setting until you change it.


To pair with a Chef Connect microwave or hood for the first time:

  1. You must have a Chef Connect enabled over-the-range microwave or vent hood. To pair your appliances for the first time, initiate the Chef Connect process on the range first.

  2. To pair Chef Connect appliances to the range:

    1. On Single oven ranges, press the Chef Connect button for 3 seconds.

    2. On Double oven ranges, press buttons #6 and #7 simultaneously for 3 seconds.

  3. The Bluetooth Icon on the range display will start flashing.

  4. Then, follow the corresponding instructions included with the Chef Connect microwave or hood.

  5. The range will cancel the pairing mode after two minutes if no other Chef Connect enabled device is detected.


For short power interruptions to the hood, microwave and/or range, the Chef Connect Bluetooth connection will usually remain after power is resumed. For longer power interruptions, the connection may need to be reset in order to reconnect.


For more information about the Chef Connect Feature, visit: Chef Connect Feature


For assistance pairing your appliances, consult the Owner's Manual for each model.


See how Chef Connect works: