Smart Washer or Dryer - Remote Control

Enable remote control of smart washers and dryers from your smartphone using the SmartHQ™ app. Visit Smart Washers & Dryers for all current smart washers and dryers


To use Remote Control (once your washer or dryer is Connected to your phone):


First, on the washer or dryer:


  1. Load the washer or dryer with the items you want to wash or dry.

  2. Select the cycle you want to use.

  3. Add detergent

  4. Close the door and activate the remote control by pressing the "Delay" button once and then "Start". The display will read "AP". This allows you to start the washer and/or dryer from your phone at some point within the next 24 hours.


Then, from your smartphone:


  1. Open the SmartHQ app. If the appliance is connected to your phone, the display will show the status of your washer and/or dryer (On, Off, or time remaining in cycle).
  2. Select the washer or dryer and find "Control" at the bottom right corner of the display. You will see: 
    • "Remote Control" at the top of the display.
    • Start, Off, Edit Delay, Extend Tumble (dryer only)
    • Current Laundry Status (Cycle and Options selected)
  3. Select Start to start the cycle immediately, or press Edit Delay to start the appliance at any time between 1 hour and 24 hours. If the Delay Start pad is pressed on the washer or dryer but is not started remotely (either immediately or a delay start) within 24 hours, the unit will start automatically and complete the cycle selected.
  4. To turn the unit off remotely at any time, select Off from the SmartHQ app.
    • If the door is opened at any time, it will cancel the remote control feature. To re-enable the remote control of the appliance, close the door and press "Delay" on the appliance again.


Delay Start can also be used to delay the start or your wash or dry cycle without using the remote control feature. Keep tapping the Delay Dry or Delay Wash button to choose the delay time in one hour increments from 1H - 9H (hours) or 10-24 (hours).


Note: You can extend the tumble in the dryer as long as the dryer door has not been opened.


This feature is available on the following models: