Smart Washer - Benefits of SmartHQ App

Check your washer with an app that lets you monitor cycles and settings, download custom specialty cycles and receive alerts when clothes haven't been removed.


With the SmartHQ™ app (free from Google Play or Apple App Store), you'll be able to:

  • Monitor cycle status & time remaining.

  • Receive an alert when your cycle has finished, but the door has not been opened.

  • Unlock 3 custom specialty cycles (Quick Rinse, Hand wash, Activewear).

  • Monitor levels of SmartDispense™ tanks and reorder using Amazon Dash Replenishment (on some models).

  • Turn your washer on, off, or delay the start of your washer using Smart Appliances - Remote Control (on some models).

  • Further expand the capabilities of your product by connecting with our integrations.


See how our Smart Washer works:



To connect your washer:

Models with Built-In WiFi or Optional WiFi can communicate wirelessly when the SmartHQ app is used. For Optional WiFi models, the Connect Module powered by SmartHQ (PBX23W00Y0) is needed to connect wirelessly. Visit Smart Washers & Dryers for more information about these products.


Having smart appliances allows you several new avenues for controlling and monitoring your appliances through strategic partnerships designed to enhance your ownership experience and make life easier. For more information: Smart Appliances - Integrations.