GE Appliances Account – What You Can View or Manage

A GE Appliances or Café Appliances Account allows you to view your registered products, completed service call history, parts ordered, and SmartOrder subscriptions.  Your account stores your contact information (name, address, phone number, email address) as well as 1 credit card number.

Log into your Account using any internet browser except Internet Explorer: Account Log-in.


Contact Information

Only one email address can be associated with the account; however, multiple addresses and phone numbers can be added. You may easily add additional addresses and name each location (ex. Beach House; Cabin, Home, etc.).



Registered Products

When logged into your GE Appliances Account, you can register a new appliance or view existing appliance registrations.  Each registered appliance will link to the model's product page and literature associated with that model, like the Owner's Manual and Installation Instructions.


For a previously registered appliance to display in your account, the appliance must be registered to the same address as the address listed in the GE Appliances Account. One or more of the following must also match: Phone number, email address, or last name.

If an appliance does not show in your account, we may have had trouble matching it to your account.  Re-register your appliance while logged into your GE Appliances Account. Appliances registered when not logged into your GE Appliances Account will be listed; however, it can take up to two weeks to update. Appliances registered when logged into GE Appliances Account will update immediately.


GE Appliances Account - Editing / Updating Registered Products


Service History

If a service call is scheduled while logged into your GE Appliances Account, you will be able to view the confirmation number and the scheduled date & time. To view pending service calls, the service call must be scheduled when logged into your GE Appliances Account.

You can also view any past completed service calls associated with your account address. Past service calls listed will have the invoice number and amount, service call date, appliance model & serial number, service call type (in-warranty, out-of-warranty, or service contract), and what company serviced the appliance (Factory Service or Authorized Service).  After a service call is complete, it may take several days for it to show in the account service history.


Parts and SmartOrder Subscriptions

The GE Appliances Account allows you to view your SmartOrder parts subscriptions and any parts ordered while logged into your account.  

For SmartOrder subscriptions, you can change your next order date, skip an order, change your selected frequency, or cancel a subscription after signing into your account.

For more information about SmartOrder, visit:  SmartOrder Auto Delivery Program.


Communication Preferences

You can subscribe or update your e-newsletter preferences to get Special Offers, Recipes, Blogs, or, if you are a Trade Professional, get GE Appliances or Monogram content specific to sales reps, builders, and trade professionals. You can also unsubscribe to any or all options at any time.


Questions? If you need further assistance, please contact us at: GE Appliances Contact Us