Explanation of Sabbath Mode Feature

The observance of the Sabbath and religious holidays in Judaism requires a restriction on certain activities during holy times. Jewish religious laws can apply to the use of appliances during the Sabbath (ex. the oven cannot be turned on or off). GE Appliances has worked with third party kosher certification agencies, like Star-K, to develop Sabbath Mode features for many GE Appliances.

Models that have Sabbath Mode features will have instructions in the Owner's Manual on how to activate and use this feature. Check the individual model's Owner's Manual for specific usage information. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.

Cooking Products:

When the Sabbath Mode feature is activated, the oven will no longer turn off automatically while cooking after 12 hours and the control display will not show time, temperature, or selected oven function until the Sabbath Mode feature is manually deactivated.

For additional information:

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Refrigeration Products:

On refrigerators with Sabbath Mode, activating this mode will turn off interior lights (or keep them always on and dimmed), control panel display, ice/water dispenser, sounds, icemaker, and any advanced features (ex. Door Alarm).

  • The compressor will run on a timed defrost when in Sabbath mode so it will not defrost based on the length or number of door openings.
  • The door can be opened or closed without causing any lights, fans, switches, etc. to be turned on or off.
  • If there is a power outage during Sabbath Mode, the refrigerator will return to Sabbath Mode.

For additional information:

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Dishwashers do not have a Sabbath Mode feature. Models with electronic controls may have a Door Wake Up Mode that can be turned off so that the control display, control sounds, and interior lights (on some models) will not respond to the door opening/closing.

Check the individual model's Owner's Manual for this feature. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.